Modern official electronic journal for US notaries.

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The Product

BlockNotary Journal replaces the paper notary journal for recording notary acts. It works on mobile and web platforms, is easy to use, and is built on distributed trust. When notaries put their acts in Journal, they can trust theyre secure with end-to-end encryption, and their data is their own. The blockchain protects authenticity and timestamp for each notary act.

Paper journal Electronic journal Blocknotary journal
Fits In Your Pocket
Easy to fill in
Secure timestamping
Get records on the go
Unlimited entries
Protected by blockchain
Free of charge

Notary acts

Browse a list of your notary acts. Visit to view, edit, print, and email your entries.

Add entry

An easy way to record acts with each state's specific entry fields and barcode scanning.


Each notary act is protected by end-to-end encryption and blockchain notarization.

Sign on device

Sign on a device to receive proof of the physical presence and identity of parties whose signatures have been notarized.


Blocknotary Journal provides a web version as a part of the system. You can create and manage notary acts created from web and mobile versions of the system. You can edit, print, and email your entries.


Verification and authentication are two of the benefits you get with BlockNotary products, because theyre blockchain enabled. And now that governments are recognizing the blockchain, BlockNotary technology can even help in legal situations.

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