Blockchain enabled timestamps for media files. Proof of ownership, proof of integrity, and proof of existence on mobile devices.

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The Product

BlockNotary Timestamp notarizes any media file, generating publicly verifiable receipt of its origin, date, authenticity, and integrity, without exposing its contents. Its uses include digital attribution, proof of existence, prior knowledge, integrity, and authenticity. Timestamp creates 100% distributed proofs using OTS (OpenTimestamps), IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) and public Bitcoin or Ethereum blockchains. Generated receipts are independently verifiable and machine-readable.

Notarize and verify photos in the blockchain

Upload a media file to the app and securely store it in a distributed file system that is protected by the blockchain.

Independently verifiable receipts

Get and share independently verifiable receipts with all links to media files and blockchain proofs.

Search the blockchain & verify signature

Upload a media file to the app and get an independently verifiable receipt. It also works for media files notarized by third parties.

Action extension use extension from any app

Integrate secure timestamping into any app using the native Action extension. For example, notarize a photo directly from the Camera app.


Verification and authentication are two of the benefits you get with BlockNotary products, because theyre blockchain enabled. And now that governments are recognizing the blockchain, BlockNotary technology can even help in legal situations.

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