Blockchain enabled video interviews for remote identity verification, fraud prevention, and customer service automation.

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The Product

BlockNotary Interview software manages and records remote video interviews. Due to its asynchronous interview process, no camera operator is needed during recording, and blockchain technology fingerprints and timestamps the interview data. On the client side, the platform counts with white label mobile apps for iOS and Android, as well as SDKs for web-based apps. On the backend, BlockNotary Interview provides a dashboard, API, and web hooks.

Simplify Identification Process

Replace the need for clients to visit your office or call customer support by using a customizable video interview.

Accelerate Customer Service

Reduce the load on customer representatives and call centers by providing convenient mobile self-service.

Know Your Customer

Verify and notarize identity, at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.


The BlockNotary Interview system incorporates a management dashboard. You can manage workflows for each interview, organize them in templates, send invitations to interviewees, and watch recorded entries. To automate processes with external systems, Interview provides an API for integration and web hooks for notifications. Refer to documentation for further details.
Please refer to documentation for further details.

Mobile ready

BlockNotary Interview is available for iOS and Android mobile clients from the App Store and Google Play. In addition, white label clients can be created for mobile and web platforms with video interviewing functionality.