Potok & Alfabank

Potok is an online service in which individuals make loans to businesses. It is a subsidiary of Alfa Bank, the largest private commercial bank in Russia. The bank provides KYC (Know your customer) information to Potok and handles payments. Potok pilots BlockNotary Interview to record video statements between borrowers and the bank.


The bank sends a link for an interview to a borrower. The borrower downloads the Potok mobile app and follows the link from email or text. The borrower validates their phone number and agrees to terms of service. After that, the borrower records a verbal contract, presents their passport, and presents a signed contract. The borrower reviews the recorded interview before uploading to Potok's cloud.


See below the process of creating this customized application. The BlockNotary team added extra steps for consent to the contract and confirmation of the agreement through the SMS code. The application was created in the colors of the brand and localized to the Russian language.

Technical info

The app uses the BlockNotary Interview theming feature for white labeling. Setup uses both Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains to provide umbrella timestamping.