Denizen is a purely online bank with no physical branches, and a subsidiary of multinational Spanish banking group BBVA. The bank uses BlockNotary Interview in onboarding processes for proof-of-life and identity verification.


A client opens the banks mobile app to sign up for an account. After entering personal information, the client records a video with required steps. The app asks the client to read a code and to show an identification document. After uploading the video and scans to Denizen banks servers, the client waits for a response from the KYC (Know your customer) team.


See below the process of creating this customized application. BlockNotary added a new option in the Dashboard to allow interviewees to record an interview with countdown and screen preview before sending the interview to Denizen. The application was created in the colors of the brand and translated to Spanish and German.

Technical info

The Interview SDK was integrated in iOS and Android versions of the bank app as an Ionic native plug-in.